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Part: 2

Demantoid Garnet Crystallography


In this short video, the crystallography of demantoid garnet is shown with an attractive animation.

Crystallization system of demantoid garnet: cubic;

Space group: Ia3d;

The most common crystal form: rhombic dodecahedron;

As you know, demantoid is a type of andradite, with the difference that some Cr3+ (in ppm) has been replaced by Fe3+ as a trace element and the presence chromium is the most important factor for the vibrant green color of demantoid.

The chemical formula of demantoid garnet is as follows:

+Cr3+: {Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3}:Cr3

In this animation, the chemical composition of demantoid is shown in different colors as follows:

  1. Ca2+ with yellow color
  2. Fe3+ with brown color
  3. +Si4 with purple color
  4. -O2 with red color
  5. Cr3+ with green color as Trace Element

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